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Can you choose the original picture strips similar to the original photo booth?

Of course you may. You can choose your picture layout however you please. 2x6 (strips) 4x6 (postcard).

Do we get double prints?

Yes, at NO extra charge. You'll also receive a link to view pictures from the night. 

What if my guest want more prints after the event?

All events will be uploaded on our site with a security password which will be provided.

How fast does your printer print?

We use a commercial grade printer that prints super high quality and the dye sub printers wont cause smearing, all done in about 10 seconds.

Can we customize the sheets that the pictures are printed on?

Absolutely, you may choose color, font, verbiage and you can even add a picture.

What kind of background color can we choose from?

We have most background colors and our feelings will not be hurt if you have something else in mind. Let us know what you like and we will work towards accommodating your wants.

I have a limited space, how much room will I need?
We have different size booths, allowing us to accommodate those that are tight on space 

I paid a lot for my beautiful venue! Can I use it as a background?

Great idea! Our technology allows for use of almost anything as a background.