• Awesome crew!  Hired them for our wedding.  Everything went smoothly, the prices are very reasonable.  The scrapbook was awesome, I recommend everyone getting it because it's fun to see all the pictures from your guests with their personalized notes at the end of the night.  The booth was super cute and elegant, which was important to me because I didn't want it to stick out like a sore thumb.  The props were fun and not worn down.  I would definitely book them for another event.

  • I recently used Flash Life Photobooth for my client's wedding. As a wedding planner, I come across many companies for photobooths, but I really feel Flash Life photobooth does it right. Guests really enjoy their setup and Khai the owner, is an extremely good guy. He works hard and makes the process of booking their services really easy.

    Love these guys! Would love to keep using them in the future.

  • I'm glad to see this has so many 5-star reviews.

    Khai is pretty much the best. I booked him for a huge event last month and didn't realize we actually didn't need him until an hour after I asked him to arrive. He was so perfectly pleasant and accommodating about it - of course I was freaking out trying to greet 10 vendors/DJs/etc. at the same time when he showed up. But he just smiled, said no problem, and wheeled his heavy equipment around the building to a different entrance. He was calm and wonderful throughout the chaos, and remained so all evening.

    In advance of the party, we sent him the event logo and he gave us wonderful options for the photo printouts - when we had adjustments he made them quickly and exactly to our specifications.

    If that weren't enough (and I suppose technically it's not since you're hiring them for the product as well), the photos were amazing!! There were literally no bad shots - when you make weird faces into your own camera, or even smile, you're bound to delete at least half since they're horribly unflattering. Every single shot that came out of the booth was perfect. I want him to follow me around everywhere so I can have perfect shots like that all the time.

    Every single part of the experience was wonderful. Thanks Khai and everyone at Flash Life!!


    I planned a formal for a college event. We had it at a club in Hollywood. Khai and his crew were on top of their A game for sure!!! They had everything set up before we got there, we even had personalized custom layouts for the photo strips for our event. We even got a cd with a log of all the photos that night.

    All in all, you can't beat the price or the service ANYWHERE ELSE. Hurry and book with Flashlife photobooth!!!!! If anyone has questions, I would be more than happy to answer questions or give advice! :)

  • One of my favorite photo booths I've experienced and I've experienced it twice already! Customer service is absolutely amazing and they are not stingy with their photos!!! No dirty looks from them if you're a photo whore and love taking photos!

    The photo comes in a strip with four photos on it that will fit in your wallet!  Use the props they provide, it's fun to goof off in front of the camera...do it! Color and Black/White are also both available for your pleasure! The balance of the light is perfect making it picture perfect.  If you want to do any close-ups photo, you should tell the camera man because it is not set up for it.

    The best part about this booth is that it has a large open space where you can squeeze in almost 8 people in there, photo bomb anyone?!!! Thank you Flash Life for the great memories!!!

  • Photo Booths are the cherry on top of any event.

    When you go out looking cute and ready to party, hair done, hot dress, maybe after a glass of wine (or two), having the instant gratification of a strip of funky photos you can take home to remember the night out with your friends is AWESOME!

    Flash Life Photo booth makes this process fast, efficient and fun.

    It's FAST, because you never have to wait in line too long and once you're out the other side, your pictures are printed almost instantly, in fact, the time it takes you to gather yourself find your glass of wine and exit the booth, your pictures are likely already printed, cut and ready to go!

    It's FUN, because why stop at just your creativity inside the 4 walls of your booth, NO! Flash Life Photo booth provides all kinds of props readily available for you to play with, hats to try on, guitars to pose with, mustaches, hair pieces, masks, there is a box of goodies within arm's reach and just enough time to play around before the next SNAP shot goes CLICK!

    No more cramming 4 of your closest friends into a tiny little 4x4. Flash Life Photo Booth is like the mansion of booths, there's enough room to get all your friends in and actually have everyone come out in the photo; not like back in the day, when out of 4 friends, one of you barely got your nose in the picture, or your left ear. There's so much room inside the Flash Life Photo Booth you could host a VIP party in there!

  • A great way to get strangers together and act like goofballs infront of a camera.

    Flash Life Photo Booth was at the CMYE event at The Wine House. The rep Khai was super attentive, so patient and very friendly.  Everyone had a great time.  We ended up in the photo booth 5 or 6 times.

    The camera takes a shot every 4 secs so BE PREPARED with your props!  We learned through trial and error. Thank you again, Khai for being patient with us and letting us sneak in for more shots. You guys definitely made the event so much fun!

  • This photobooth was at a Yelp event I attended at Upstairs 2/The Wine House.

    Khai was SO nice. For the longest time, before I knew his name, I thought he was my high school friend's husband! He looked exactly like him. But then I looked at him some more and no, and with confirmation from Khai. It was NOT my friend's husband and I now taught Khai how to pick up girls "You look familiar. Are you my friend's girlfriend?" "Oh no, I don't have a boyfriend." "Well... Hello"

    He was so nice. He was patient and cut our photos for us. Really nice guy. He dealt with me and my group for all the photos... AND WE TOOK TONS. :D

    They come out in strip form and in B/W and color.
    We were able to fit about 6-8 people in one photo without feeling squished. They gave me privacy too! :D
    I also liked how we could see our photos before it took - like we can position ourselves - like a TV. :D

    Good photo quality. Not oversized like a 4x6 card but small enough to put in your girl size wallet. :D

    Lots of props. I feel bad cuz I think we overused a lot hahaha
    Hats, glasses, flowers, umbrellas, guitars, etc.

    It was a big booth but it was a open space booth and it was pretty good.

    Must get quotes from them too!

  • A must-have at your next event!

    I am thoroughly impressed by Flash Life's equipment & customer service. I made sure to give the booth a test run.. or two.. after meeting the owner at an event he was working.

    A potpourri of props, quality backgrounds, state-of-the-art technology, and a friendly operator all came together to create a great experience & party favor!  There were three of us in the booth and btwn each of our 2 sessions, someone was always left photo-less. To please us, the operator immediately made an extra copy of each photostrip.  We didn't even have to ask!

    I wish my Yelp fate had led me to Flash Life sooner.. say around the time of my wedding?  But I will hire them in a heartbeat next time life calls for it!

  • Loved these guys! They came to an event I was participating in and the photos were awesome as were the props! The quality was great and they were really friendly and patient.

    You get 2 sets of photos when they are done! And I love that you can do black and white or color!