• 5 out of 5 for the following reasons:
    -Fits TONS of people at once
    -Fun props to play with
    -Quick photo print out
    -Online password protected gallery so friends can all get the picutres

    Khai runs a wonderful business and I cannot recommend him enough!

  • There is no doubt in my mind that this is the BEST photo booth experience you will get! Their photo booth is not only gorgeous, but the people that work for Flash Life are spectacular! Working with Ashling via email was always so easy and wonderful and actually getting to meet Khai and Carl on our wedding day was AMAZING!

    They were so professional and so kind that in the midst of getting so caught up during the reception, I forgot to stop by the photo booth! Khai was so sweet and approached me and my hubby and asked if we wanted to visit the photo booth together for pictures. I'm so grateful that he thought of us and asked us. In fact, he and Carl even stayed an EXTRA hour (past midnight!!) afterwards to make sure our guests had an opportunity to enjoy the Photo Booth! Who does that?!? Flash Life!!

    My husband is part of the wedding industry and he can attest to how great they were to work with. If my words have not yet convinced you to take the plunge, then I don't know what will! Just do it!!

    Oh yeah, and you MUST GET THE SCRAPBOOK!! Trust me on this, you will laugh your socks off afterwards!

    Thanks again Khai, Ashling and Carl.. You all made my special day that much more memorable!! :)

  • SUPER spacious! Unlike some photobooths that I've seen where heads barely fit in the picture. The quality of the pictures are great! I was quite surprised! As my friend and I sat in the booth and saw what we looked like, we saw big bags under our eyes and blemishes...EEEEEE.....BUT to our surprise, the print out made us look just as beautiful as we are in person! hAHha....jk. but seriously, the quality is great!

    Khai is super personable and friendly. I would love to work with him in the future. My friend and I had the pleasure of taking photos in his booth at a yelp event! I asked how far they would travel and he is willing to travel quite far for business. I am looking for a photo booth in Santa Clarita and he happily said they would be willing to travel there. Khai is not only helpful but willing to take care of his clients. That is definitely the type of person I would like to work with.

    The only downfall to this place I found, was that it costs $1,000 for 4 hours. The quality and personnel are excellent, but I still feel the pricing is quite steep. I've seen other photo booths with similar quality for a third of that price. However, the one special feature is that the photo booths can video tape!! Very cool.

    All in all Khai is wonderful and he runs a terrific business!!!

  • By far the most professionally run photo booth company! Working in the event business, I come across a lot of photo booth rentals and I can easily say Flash Life offers an all around amazing service. Great quality photos, a fun selection of props, and outgoing staff! Highly recommended!

  • As a bride who only wants the best for her guests, I searched long and hard for the best wedding favor to provide for my wedding.  I am so glad that I picked Flash Life Photobooth.

    The actual photobooth itself changes color based on the mood of the music and expands outward to accommodate large numbers of phototakers.  Doubles of the shots were complimentary and the printing was quick.

    Customer Service
    I corresponded with Khai and Jennifer for 4 months on creating a unique experience for my April wedding.  Little did I know how far and beyond they went to make my wedding special.

    1. I asked if I could use a photograph of us on the product layout and they were more than accommodating.  I submitted a photo of my (at the time) fiance and me at central park and told them that we were striving for a city chic themed wedding.  They emailed me a draft and OMG, they fushioned digitral buildings with my mostly trees and greenery image in the background photo.  I have never seen a layout like mine and if you ask I am very confident that they will not disappoint
    2. I probably check my emails about 10-15 times a day and find it annoying when recipients do not reply within a day, these guys respond within hours! Considering how often I email them, they are extremely fast and efficient!
    3. Many of my guests thought that they were my friends, which tells you how inviting and friendly this company is!  Great job!  

    Definitely a hit with the guests as they provided an assortment of props and a scrapbok station for guests to paste their second photo for the happy couple's unique guestbook.  They presented the guestbook to me and my husband at the end of my reception.

    Flash Life Photobooth did a fantastic job!! I would highly recommend them and hope that you will consider using them for your future event :)

  • We had a Flashlife Photobooth at our wedding and I have to say it was a huge hit! Not only with the kids and teens but adults young and old. It was fun seeing my grandma don a big fluffy hat and those huge sunglasses for photos. Everyone had fun taking the photos and making a page in the scrap book. The machine is easy to use and is very intuitive. The pictures also came out great!

    Khai was running the photobooth was also very professional and went out of his way to make my wife happy. This meant a lot to me. I would recommend them to everyone, not just for weddings but any event.

    I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family, oh and everyone on Yelp..

  • Flash Life Photobooth is the best photobooth company around.  I've gone to several soirees and events, where these other photobooth companies can't print the photos fast enough and we wind up milling and waiting for 10 - 15 minutes, when we should be enjoying the party.

    I also don't know how many times these other companies say our photobooth pics will be posted online, but they never do. Memories lost!

    Flash Life Photobooth prints wonderful quality prints within seconds and online copies were posted in a gallery within a couple of days.  They were professional, courteous and quick!

    5 stars for Flash Life Photobooth!!

  • LOVE THEM!  They made our wedding complete.  From their elegant and simple props to their attendants, we couldn't have asked for a better Photobooth experience!!

    They even helped our guests make a scrapbook for us, and it's the best part looking back at our wedding! Everyone had a good time, and they are still talking about this Photobooth.  Great company, good people, and so willing to work with you!

    It was so personalized and fun!!

  • My sister sent over the guys from Flash Life Photobooth as a surprise present for my 30th birthday and it MADE THE PARTY!!  Seriously... who doesn't love a great photobooth?!  It was the star of the show.. I was almost...almost a little jealous.  The owner showed up early to set up and help everyone out.   They made the funniest custom template, and unlike other booths I've seen, the pictures came out almost instantly!  It wasn't your traditional "booth" where you're forced to sit in a box (although we were given that option if we wanted it).  The quality and service was great and I can't wait for an excuse to do it again.

  • i had never even seen or used Flash Life at previous events before booking them for my recent wedding, but i had heard such rave reviews from friends that had so i trusted them all enough to book myself.

    working with Khai and Ashling made the whole booking and customization process very easy. they were very prompt at responding to our questions and to making edits to our photobooth printout. they were even able to incorporate our wedding monogram onto the printout which i appreciated since it made it individualized and one of a kind. Kai and Ashling are super professional and the same goes to the attendants handling the actual booth at the wedding. sorry that i never actually got your names, but the 2 gentlemen manning the booth kept the lines moving, kept the printouts coming, and assembled/took down the booth with ease.

    the same professionalism and quality extends to the actual booth and pictures themselves as well. the quality of the prints is top notch and the printouts come out so fast after taking the pictures. also i know that my guests appreciated the fact that the attendants automatically printed out copies for each person that was in the picture so everyone could take home a copy. plus the pictures were unlimited for our time block so you could go back as many times as you wanted! btw the booth itself is super spacious and sturdy and can fit at least 10-15 people pretty easily. you don't have to squish too much and since you can see yourself on the screen before taking the actual picture, you can always ensure that everyone will make it into the frame. the countdown for the next picture is very explicit and clear so that you know when to expect that flash and adding a prop box makes the outcome of pix a lot more fun/creative haha.

    there are a ton of photobooth companies out there for your wedding/event needs, but i highly recommend flash life! the prices are pretty competitive and felt that they were very affordable. they know what they're doing and you can trust that your party guests will love having this feature as a fun take home party favor!