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Flash Life Photo Booth rental company has been serving Los Angeles, Hollywood, Orange County, San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley since 2011.
All of our photo booths have been thoughtfully designed and built in-house, here in Los Angeles. We take pride in the fact that we’re still one of the few companies that can offer a traditional enclosed photo booth, as well as a sleek open booth concept.

You’ll quickly notice that our photo booths stand out from the crowd by our aesthetically pleasing LED lit photo booths. Not only does it enhance and bring life to any event, it also takes the best photo booth pictures in the industry. It’s by no accident that we are regularly called upon to service some of Hollywood’s biggest parties and work with the world’s most recognized brands.

About Us | LED Photo Booth Services & Rental Company in LA
Modern Enclosed Photobooths Hire Services for Events

This is Your Party, We Dance to Your Beat!

We’ve experienced that no two party animals party in the same way! Although our traditional photo booths are absolutely amazing, we have thoughtfully arranged other products and packages that will help you make your party a hit! There are plenty of ways to customize and brand your event, let us know what song is playing and we’ll groove with you in perfect rhythm!

Lighting Is Everything

We’ve been told over and over again, that our lighting is what sets us apart from your competition. Check out our gallery and see for yourself. We understand that technology is ever changing, therefore we believe in staying current with new products that will help you achieve the perfect experience.
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Flash Life Photo Booth Serving Hollywood / Downtown Los Angeles And Surrounding Cities

The act of simply being together with someone you know and love, or maybe a total stranger…. are among the magical things caught in a FLASH. At Flash Life Photo Booth we bring LIFE to everything worth remembering through high-quality pictures and the best aesthetically looking photo booth.. We serve the magnificent world of Hollywood, Beach cities, Downtown Los Angeles and surrounding cities. In every important event of yours, we are always there to bring the highlight and spectacle you sure won’t forget.

In Los Angeles, the standard is high! Our customers want to capture the very special moment in their lives. We take pride in using professional equipment, high quality lighting, commercial dye sublimation printers and other cutting edge tools in order to make your photo booth rental experience the best.

We pride ourselves as well in delivering the best wedding and party photo booth rentals, as well as other service packages to make your picture-taking experience in Hollywood and in Los Angeles fun and exciting. Reflect on the majestic themes we offer to bring life and color to your photo strip takeaways that is worth showing off to your friends and family for years to come. If everything happens in a flash, we tell the complete story in your pictures. That’s why our photobooths, while in the process of setting things up, pay attention to detail and employ creativity to make your party, wedding, prom, and among other events, pretty much like a still movie put on paper. We make good pictures, and we bring life to them! Our team is the best in Los Angeles! Also our superior customer service can assist you with everything you need. Call us now and see the beauty of our work! Contact us to learn more about us.
Flash Life Photo Booth Serving Hollywood / Downtown Los Angeles And Surrounding Cities